San Diego Home Staging Worth It?


Short Answer... YES!

Unless a property is damaged and needs renovating, Home Staging is worth the INVESTMENT and, in my opinion, with a good Home Stager you should get at least a 3X return on your money, and even up to 10X in some circumstances!  This is true because:

  1. The Property looks WAYYYYYY better in photos and in person.
  2. It's easier for Buyers to visualize themselves actually living there and how to use the space.

This will get MORE buyers excited to want to go view your home, and cause MORE buyers to write stronger offers, which will ultimately get the property SOLD FASTER and for MORE MONEY!

I pay for a Complimentary Staging Consultation with a Professional Home Stager for everyone that hires me to sell their home!

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BEFORE - With Seller's Furniture & Belongings:

AFTER - With Staging:

BEFORE - Vacant & Empty Space:

AFTER - With Staging:


Hey it's Emil Ayoub, your Realtor in San Diego, helping you make moves with confidence.

A common question that Sellers ask me is… is home staging worth it?

And the short answer is… YES.

This first thing to understand is that you should view staging as an investment.  And like any investment, you want to receive a positive RETURN on that investment, right?  In my opinion, with a good stager, you should be seeing AT LEAST a 3 times return on your money, and depending on the cost and home price, it some cases it can even be as high as 10 times.

This happens for a couple reasons… #1 is that the property will look WAYY better… first in the pictures, which are the first impression and extremely important, and second in person, when the buyers are there viewing the home.

And #2 when a home is staged, it makes it easier for buyers to visualize themselves living there and how to use the space because they can see what size furniture fits, how it’s configured...  It’s harder for them to do that if the house is just vacant and empty or if it’s filled with clutter. 

Creating this element and this feeling that this is their HOME through staging will get more buyers wanting your home over the competition.

Let’s take a look at a couple examples of before and after shots so you can see what I mean.  What do you think of this room that has the Seller’s stuff and furniture in it?

(PIC 1)

No thanks.  Now here it is staged...

(PIC 2)

Wow!  That doesn’t even look like the same room!

Now what do you think of this picture of a vacant room?

(PIC 3)

Ok, now how do feel about this one?

(PIC 4)

Same room, staged, completely different feeling.

Can you sell a home WITHOUT staging?  Absolutely you can… but the bottom line is… staging a home will showcase it in the best possible light which will get more buyers to look at it, and more buyers to make stronger offers, which ultimately gets the home sold faster and for money.

I am such a believer in staging that I actually pay for a staging consultation with a professional home stager for anyone who hires me to sell their home.  It’s totally free for you and just one of things that I do to deliver more value and better results.

The only time I wouldn’t recommend staging is when you have a house that’s damaged and needs renovation work.

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Until next time, this is Emil Ayoub, helping you make moves with confidence.